The Tipsy Dancer

“The thing about dance is that it is a free expression. The thing about craft beer is that it gives you the confidence to get there.”


– The Tipsy Dancer 

We need a more feminine presence in the world of craft beer, so here I am.


I originally only wanted to write about dance. I love it and it is something that I’ve been around my whole life. But then I noticed a huge absence of the feminine voice in the beer world and that got me thinking. I’m a lady and my beer choices are a little different than the average Joe. So, I changed my main focus to be more tipsy than dancer. I enjoy both worlds and this project will reflect that.

Craft Beer

Here's where you can find reviews of individual beers as well as breweries as a whole. We'll also cover other articles and fun topics, for instance, why girls who drink beer are better.


Here's where you can find everything dance related. We'll discuss everything from technique to twerking to reviews. And of course, beer will find a way to sneak into the posts.

Recent Posts 

Tipsy Dancer Podcast

The Tipsy Dancer podcast is a 5 to 10 minute podcast that is great for the car ride home while doing the dishes, laundry, or even at work. In this podcast you'll hear a mix of beer reviews, bar and brewery reviews, Q&A's, dance moves for the bar, and so much more great beer content.

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