About The Tipsy Dancer

Craft Cider

The Tipsy Dancer is here to talk about and discuss beer and dance. The concept behind TD is that dance is an art, but so is beer. Both are open to interpretation and it takes a keen eye (or tongue?) to really appreciate them. The same goes for other art forms as well: painting, sculpting, beatboxing, etc… TD wants to educate as well as bring about a new appreciation for these works of art.

Why Beer?

Beer, especially craft beer, is still a new thing. There are so many tastes and so many differing opinions that discussing beer was a no-brainer. That and the fact that there really isn’t a female presence in the beer world. TD is going to lend her voice to this male-dominated world and discuss beer from her point of view.

Why Dance?

Originally this is what the project was going to be about: dance. TD is a dancer at heart. She has been classically trained in all genres since she was 4 years old. She knows her stuff and wants to share her knowledge with the world.

Meet The Tipsy Dancer


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Beth Shiller

Founder of The Tipsy Dancer

Hey everyone, I’m Beth. I love beer and I love to dance. Beer is something to be desired, not everyone gets it, but they can appreciate the craft. That’s the same with dance. I’m very opinionated on both subjects so this blog is my way of fusing the best of both worlds together. Most of the time I’m a journalist and copywriter, and when I’m not throwing myself into that, I enjoy coaching the flag and dance line at my local high school. I also spend a great deal of time hanging out with my boy as we go on our happy hour adventures.