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I figured that if I’m going to write about beer and whatnot, that I should give a bit of an explanation as to what my favorites are.

I am definitely a craft beer lover. Given the choice I will opt for craft over anything. That being said, I do enjoy a nice cold Miller Lite now and then. Especially when I’m watching my Steelers play.

Plus it helps that Miller Lite is cheaper than craft beer. Ok, to be fair, I’m a sucker for happy hour drink specials, but craft can be so expensive sometimes! But I digress.

I love sweeter drinks. The sweeter the better. I am a big fan of ciders. I honestly don’t know if there is a cider out there that I wouldn’t like. Angry Orchard, Ace’s, Cider Boys, etc… the list goes on and on. I’m also intrigued by the concept of fruity ales, but I have more exploring to do with those.

I do on occasion find an off the wall beer that I really enjoy. Take Crooked Tree’s Double IPA for example. I do not like anything super hoppy. Very rarely do I like hoppy beers, but I do enjoy Crooked Tree’s Double IPA. I’m also not a huge fan of dark beer but I do enjoy Guinness and DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus chocolate peanut butter porter. There is also a breakfast porter at Paladin Brewing that is just heavenly.

The same goes for wine. White, sweet wines are my favorite, particularly late harvest Riesling, but I occasionally find a red wine that isn’t awful. And as for cocktails, as long as it’s not made with gin, it’s good.

Moral of this spiel is that I will try anything once.


This blog is split into two parts: beer and dance. I am going to write about both separately and I’m going to write about them both together.



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