Atlanta in April

I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia recently and had a blast! I was there to attend the Atlanta Film Festival and in my downtime, I went exploring.

I went to this bar/restaurant/nightclub thing called The Vortex and tried some local beer. I loved everything I tried and the place had so much character to it. There were pictures and beer items everywhere and bikes and random stuff hanging from the ceiling. There was even a giant brass penis near the door.

Mercier Hard Apple Cider
This was so refreshing! It’s a hard cider that has so much flavor, it’s unreal. It isn’t very sweet, though. It’s about as sweet as a fresh apple. The bottle’s label is adorable too. It’s a parody of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” where the husband has a bit of a drinking problem.

Orpheus Tart Plum Saison
It’s mildly sour, probably more of a tarte. The plum is evident but not overpowering. It finished smooth like a traditional saison. Definitely, light and refreshing and great for a hot day.

Laughing Skull White Ale
This is The Vortex’s home brand. It’s very light with hints of white chocolate. It reminded me of your typical ale but the hints of chocolate made it extraordinary.

I also tried a bourbon for the Savannah Bourbon Co. and while it shouldn’t be sipped straight, it was delicious.

My time in Atlanta was amazing and next time I’m in town, I’ll have more free time to check out the local establishments.



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