Birthday Bliss at Gervasi Vineyard

For my birthday this year, my father surprised me with tickets to a distillery tour and tasting.

My father, brother, boyfriend and I went to Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, OH. It’s this really cute area that is WAY too fancy for someone like me to be at, although I did dress up for the occasion. At 27, I felt like it was the right call considering I look like a high schooler on a regular basis. There was this magnificent man-made pond with the cutest bridge that took you over into this little village-like area. There was a gift shop, bistro, a few grape fields and down the road was a Still House and bed and breakfast.

We at lunch at the bistro and it was delicious. I got a sampler of wine and all three were delicious. My boy even got himself a glass (he doesn’t like wine, that’s why I was surprised). I had the Sognata, Dolce Sera and the Lascito and he had the Passione.

The Lascito might’ve been my favorite. It was a very tropical tasting which is nice in October. The Sognata was also fruity but the Dolce Sera had both beat when it came to sweetness. It’s a late harvest Reisling so the grapes used were extra sweet.

From there we walked to the Still House for our tour. The Still House creates its own vodka, gin, and bourbon. We learned about how each was made and what makes them different. We tried five samples and while I didn’t love all of them, I enjoyed the day.

Small Batch Vodka and Sinner’s Blush

The Small Batch was incredibly smooth. My favorite of the tour. The Blush, infused with red wine, had it a very interesting flavor that I didn’t mind.

Small Batch Vodka and Saint’s Desire

I do not like Gin. Not sure if I ever will ever like Gin so, the Small Batch was not even close to being my favorite. I also found out that I don’t like the smell of the juniper that is used to make Gin… The Saint’s Desire was infused with Blood Orange which helped it not taste quite like a pine cone but I still didn’t like it.

Wine Barrel Bourbon

This Bourbon, aged in wine barrels was both sweet and spicy and to be honest, it was a little much straight up. Delicious but a bit much.

My boyfriend and I then drove back home and went to dinner with a friend. With it being my birthday, we did green tea shots that were bigger than my face while drinking Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy. It was a great way to end the evening and see a very busy friend.

If you know me, you know I am emotional and sappy. I’m not apologizing for it. My wonderful boyfriend spent the day with me and my crazy self when I know he had a literal ton of work to do. It made me feel loved and special and honestly, what is better than that? I am very grateful to him and to my father for making my birthday wonderful.



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