Does Beer Freeze?

With the incredibly cold weather approaching, one question comes to mind. Will my beer freeze if I keep it in the garage?

The short, slightly vague answer: it depends.

Water freezes at 32 F and the freezing point of pure ethanol alcohol is -173.2 F Alcoholic beverages are a mixture of both alcohol and water (in some cases, sugars and other additives as well) so the freezing point of your alcoholic beverages is somewhere in between. Some stronger beers, such as barleywines and imperial stouts, are around 24 proof, but they still have a low enough alcohol content to freeze.

Alcohol will depress the freezing point of the beer by about a little more than 1 1/8 degrees Fahrenheit per percent ABV. So an 8% ABV beer would have a freezing point of about 23 degrees Fahrenheit if we ignore the sugar for a bit. A 4:1 sugar solution will freeze at 26–27 degrees Fahrenheit.

For reference, 24 proof liquor freezes at 20 degrees, 64 proof liquor freezes at -23 degrees and 84 proof liquor freezes at -30 degrees.

So, bottom line, yes your beer will be safe as long as it doesn’t dip too low in temperature. But, why would you want to potentially freeze your beer? The colder the beer is, the less flavor gets through. Who wants that?

My advice, bring the beer inside if you live up north and keep it cool but not too cold. See you all next week for THE BIG GAME!



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