Drink Like a Royal

Who started their day with a gin and tonic? Why am I asking? Because today was the Royal Wedding!

Today marked the joining of two people, two families, two nations and I am living for it! Everything from Meghan wearing Queen Mary’s tiara to the seat reserved for the late Princess Diana was perfect.

Anyway, since I’m in a royal mood, I figured I’d explore drinking across the pond. I’ve always been fascinated with the royal family, so what do they drink?

Prince Phillip is my kind of royal, he loves a good ole simple beer, especially Boddingtons beer. Prince Charles, on the other hand, likes a good martini or malt whiskey. Will’s said to have enjoyed Stella Artois when he was younger but now fancies more sophisticated drinks. Harry enjoys Ciroc.

Princess Diana loved Peach Bellinis and Kate Middleton sips on Jack Daniels but drinking as a royal lady is no new thing. Queen Victoria reportedly enjoyed beer as well as an odd mix of claret and malt whiskey.

Circling back to that gin and tonic some of us had earlier this morning, personally, I don’t get it. I understand the appeal, but to me, they just taste like pinecones. I have a friend who lives on Bombay so I’ll have her tell you what is amazing about the drink. Anyway, Queen Elizabeth loves herself some gin and prefers Gin and Dubonnet. Specifically, three parts Dubonnet, seven parts gin, and a splash of lemon.

So there you have it, now you can indulge like a royal! Remember to drink responsibly, no one wants you to wreck your horsedrawn carriage.

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