Garrett’s Mill & Brewing Co.

Five years after a huge fire ripped through the Buckeye block in Garrettsville, Ohio, I was assigned to write about it for the day job. I took a trip up here (it’s further away than it appears on a map) to talk to people and take photos.

Then I saw this gem: Garrett’s Mill & Brewing company.

The building was built in 1804 by Col. John Garrett III. The Mill once operated as a water-driven flour mill. I got sidetracked while on the job and wandered in. I ended talking for like an hour with the master brewer. They make their own beer in their facility and each one is amazing!

I came back for the Strawberry Fields and stayed for the flight.


4.5 ABV, 8 IBU A harmoniously balanced wheat beer with a distinctive strawberry aroma and moderately high carbonation. Low hop bitterness with a light body and fragrance results from a week-long infusion process of strawberries into this American style wheat.

This was my absolute favorite! It was so flavorful.


I enjoy IPAs and this was no exception. It was deliciously hoppy.
They weren’t kidding when they said it was creamy and velvety. This beer was so full of flavor, it started off chocolately and transitioned into a wonderful raspberry aftertaste.
The caramel is very prominent and it surprised me. It was a great addition to the Irish Red I’ve come to love.



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