Grove City Shenanigans

I recently went on an adventure to the Grove City Outlet Mall. This is one of those adventures that I like to take mostly because of the drive. Once you get off the highway, the back roads are very peaceful. Anyway, while my dad and I were there, we found some cool things.

Webb Winery

This space was magical. It was like Christmas had thrown up everywhere. They had so many different kinds of wine. Jalapeno, Cranberry, Sour Cherry, Red, White, you name it, they had it. We bought four 375ml bottles: Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Spiced Apple.

The Spiced Apple was my favorite, by far! It tasted just like an apple pie. The Raspberry was a close second, it was very fruity and sweet. The Blueberry smelled amazing, but the taste was a bit disappointing. It was really good, but compared to the smell, the taste wasn’t what I expected. The Strawberry was the one that I did not like. Again, it smelled great, but it kind of tasted like you were drinking the cork. The strawberryness was great, but it had a really plastic, rubber over taste.

We also bought a full bottle of their Winter Spice. They had a sample of this, warmed, and it was ahhhmazing! It’s the perfect drink on a cold winter night. We plan on keeping it in a crockpot for Christmas.

Webb Winery is located in Hermitage, which is a lot closer to home, I’ll be visiting the official winery soon.

MLH Distillery

There was a kiosk in the main area where MLH Distillery was set up. They offered samples of their vodka, gin and coffee liqueur.

The Coffee Liqueur was so good! It was so smooth and tasted like an espresso shot with an added kick.

Crafted from a cold brewed infusion of traditional Italian and French roast coffees from Grove City’s own George J. Howe Coffee Company. We cold brew Howe’s coffee beans to concentrate its rich flavor then blend the coffee with our spirits and just the right amount of sugar to create a liqueur that’s clean and full of flavor.

This is also one of those drinks that when it hits your soul, it instantly warms you up. It’s delicious in coffee and straight. Add an ice cube and it’s like you’re drinking iced coffee.

This is distilled right in Grove City, so if you find yourself out that way, I recommend making a stop.


There are a few more wineries out that way and I plan on making another trip out in the spring. Want to join me?



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