Post- Apocalyptic Beer

If you know me at all, you know that I love The Walking Dead. During the hiatus, I’ve gotten into Fear the Walking Dead and while it isn’t the original, it’s still pretty great.

Last night was the finale for season 4 of FTWD and one character that played an interesting role in the back half of the season was Jim and alcohol. Jim brewed beer and claimed that he had the perfect recipe. Upon his untimely death, Jim gave Sarah his recipe so she can keep his legacy alive.

Jimbo’s Beerbos Recipe

  • 68% Pils Malt
  • 15% wheat malt
  • Weyerman Wheat Malt
  • 7% flaked oats
  • 10% Vienna
  • 40g Slovenian Pellets
  • 70g Czech Saaz Whole Hops
  • Belgian and French Saison yeast

Cook the mash 151 to 152 degrees Fahrenheit. Pitch yeast at 68. Hold for 10 days, no less.

Unfortunately, the recipe is incomplete. Jim’s secret ingredient was saved for Sarah’s ears only.


But that’s not all, alcohol saved the entire group when they were poisoned with antifreeze. It turns out that alcohol can help detoxify your system once you’ve been poisoned. For animals, such as cats or dogs, the dose is about 8 shots of vodka every 4-6 hours and if caught in time, will be successful. Treatments like this need monitored because your pet will get really drunk.

In FTWD, Morgan brings a truck full of beer to his poisoned friends and they begin to recover. Strand makes a joke that Charlie, the only underage victim, isn’t allowed to be poisoned again until she comes of age.

Lucky for us, this fact could actually save a life. Hopefully, no one runs into a dirty woman who wants to poison them.



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