Rivertowne Lab Rat Review

Recently some friends and I took a trip to Pittsburgh PA. to visit a couple of breweries this beautiful city has to offer. We visited the Dancing Gnome Brewing Company and the Rivertowne Brewing Brewing Company. While at Rivertowne, I found something unique, the Flanders Red Ale in their lab rat collection.

What is a Rivertowne Lab Rat?

Rivertowne Brewing company has a collection of beer called “Lab Rats.” These are beers that they are testing out, and they have them on draft, seeking public input. We tasted the 8 Lab Rats they had on tap that day, and a few stood out, but one stood out more than others. It was their Pomegranate Brett a Sour – Flanders Red Ale.

What is a Flanders Red Ale?

Flanders Red Ales are fruity, tart, and woody in flavors. They are complex, using unique strains of yeast. They are aged in oak casks, and many times reused bourbon or wine barrels to give the beer a unique and specific taste.

Lab Rat Pomegranate Brett
This Rivertowne Lab Rat is no doubt a Flanders Red Ale; it pours with a dark amber color. The smell is a sour pomegranate smell with a very distinct wine smell from being aged in Cabernet barrels. The beer tasted fruity then became sour with a sparkling wine finish.

This beer had a unique taste, unlike anything I have ever had. I enjoyed it so much that I got a crowler to take home. This is an excellent beer for anyone that enjoys a cider or fruit beers. It is also great for wine lovers too. My friend, who is not a beer drinker but loves wine, liked the crowler that I brought home which I found interesting because she does not like beer or cider at all. The fact that this beer is aged in old Cabernet barrels helped to tame the beer taste down a lot. I hope to be able to find this beer on the shelves in stores soon.

Overall I was impressed with all the beers that Rivertowne Brewing Company had to offer. I will be doing a podcast very soon covering the whole Rivertowne experience so stay tuned.

P.S. For more about my Pittsburgh Brewery trip, check out my Dancing Gnome Podcast 😉



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