Spring into these Delicious Seasonals

Spring has sprung and it’s time to stock up on some refreshing new flavors. Spring brings out the best in craft beer creation because spring inspires new creations. Here are five brews that scream spring!

Southern Tier Where the Helles Summer?

This weather has been up and down since spring began and I am tired of it. If this is how spring is going to behave, then I want to skip right to summer. This lager has a hoppy bite to it which is surprising but great. It’s the perfect drink to ring in warm weather.

Half Acre Daisy Cutter

This brew is perfect for spring, it’s even in the name! What says spring more than flowers? Nothing which is why this beer is great. This Chicago beer is now more widely available and has the perfect hints of citrus and fruit.  This American Pale Ale has a nice balance to it with a hoppy surprise.

Epic Brewing Brainless on Peaches

Peach puree + chardonnay barrels= springtime bliss. The Belgian-style ale feels like you are drinking a peach pie. It has a warmth to it that is comforting. It’s warm enough to get you through his winter part 2 but fruity enough to make you want to picnic outside.

Wild Ohio Daly Palmer

I’d drink this year round. Tea and lemonade, who could resist? This alcoholic treat is probably my favorite out of this list. It’s sweet and refreshing, just like the virgin Arnold Palmers we know and love. Whether it’s by the pool, on the golf course, on a picnic, this brew is delicious!

Noble Creature Adranketh

This beer is a part of Noble Creature’s experimental sour series. This tart saison is loaded with Hibiscus making it the perfect spring drink. Adranketh is earthy with spicey and floral hints.

What are your favorite spring beers and what beers are you dying to try?



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