Dancing Drunk

So You Think you Can Dance…Drunk?

Do you know why you dance better when you’re drunk?

Consuming alcohol allows you to let loose and kick your inhibitions aside. I mean, it’s called liquid courage for a reason. In all seriousness, mixing dancing and alcohol together is a better choice than that jaeger bomb.

Alcohol really does improve your moves

A University of Chicago study found that alcohol has a positive impact on your dance moves. The alcohol you consume gives you the confidence boost you need to perform your best. According to a Harvard study, there are four regions of the brain that effect your dancing abilities: the motor cortex, somatosensory cortex, basal ganglia, and cerebellum. When you drink, these areas begin to work together and help you let loose on the floor.

Dance helps you sober up

Dancing has healing abilities as well. Dancing helps you to metabolize alcohol faster, which allows you to sober up faster. Quick, someone play ‘The Wobble.’ Seriously though, Mythbusters did a study where vigorous exercise decreases blood-alcohol levels while improving hand-eye coordination. Well, drunk dancing tends to be vigorous, and you do feel better after, so I’d call this myth busted.

To be fair, your dancing abilities won’t become spectacular when you drink. If you aren’t the best dancer while sober, you probably will stay that way when drunk. You just won’t care. And that’s the magic. You throw inhibition out the window and just dance.

Promise me that you won’t try anything crazy. If you, make sure someone is filming.


Drink up and hit the dance floor! Don’t forget to drink responsibly.




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