The Noble Creature Cask House

Youngstown’s Noble Creature Cask House

Noble Creature Cask House is a new brewery that opened in my hometown, Youngstown, OH. It does not disappoint. It’s housed in an old church with the brewery in the basement and a tasting room upstairs in the former sanctuary.


Flight at The Noble Creature


The variety of beer for this new brewery is impressive. My boyfriend and I started out with a flight to get a taste of what this brewery had to offer.


Saisons Du Madin

As the maiden brew of Noble Creature, I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised; this Saison (A Belgian Farmhouse Brew) poured a vibrant yellow with a nice lacy head. It gave off a balanced aroma of orange, rye, and slightly hoppy smell. The taste was just as it smelled, a mixture of rye, citrusy orange, and a hint of pepper with a smooth finish. It ended up being one of my boyfriend’s favorite beers.


The Youngstonian

This beer is described on their list as a beer brewed for the hard-working people of Youngstown. I would have to agree. This beer had a pale golden color with a small head. The unique smell was initially light and hoppy, but it finished slightly skunky. The beer tasted as it smelled. I prefer a fruitier beer, and this one wasn’t my style.


Nergalette with Apricot

Because I love fruity beer, the Nergalette with Apricot was naturally the first beer I tried. It is unique to see a beer made with Apricot, so my expectations were high and this brew exceeded them. I was expecting it to be more of a cider, but it was a sour beer. The mixture of sour, from the hops, and sweet, from the apricot, made for a perfect blend. The beer poured a beautiful deep gold and had a well-rounded lacy head. The smell and taste were excellent and were followed by sweetness and finished mildly sour.



This beer caught my eye because the description called it “a tad stronger a Munich Helles Lager.” It caught my eye because it was unique, almost like it could fall into a new classification of beer. The beer poured deep yellow with a small lacy head. The scent was sweet and it had a clean crisp taste to it with hints of floral.



My boyfriend and I generally aren’t big fans of IPA’s so because this was a NEIPA (New England IPA), we initially overlooked it. The reason I decided to try this beer was that a percent of the proceeds of every pint sold we’re going to the local dog shelter. This NEIPA is made with Mandarina Bavaria, Amarillo, and Cira Hops; it pours a dark yellow and has a thick lacy head. The Citra Hops and Amarillo are evident in the taste and smell, So, without further ado, THIS IS THE BEST IPA I HAVE EVER HAD! It is such a well-balanced beer, the hops do not overpower the citrus, and the Amarillo provides a beautifully smooth finish. This, in my opinion, is a five-star beer and my boyfriend agrees. Plus it benefits the puppies!


This new brewery has so much character and has such a great story, to learn more check out my podcast on the Noble Creature COMING SOON.



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